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Rocket Science Fitting Laboratory


The moment bike fittting becomes inflexible, is the moment that it loses its benefit to the rider.

Most in the industry admit that bike fitting is often subjective and at best a “soft science”, yet you rarely hear mention of that truth in the marketing for their fitting systems, methods or studios. We think honesty matters. To this end, we utilize a CompuTrainer system to measure your pedaling efficiency and its effect on your heart rate, cadence and wattage or power output when cycling.

Commercial fitting systems and methods are created to enable the least qualified individual to (pay their way to) become a “certified fitter”. This doesn’t mean that all certified fitters are the least qualified, not at all. It simply means the program required the need to be able to train a wide range of experience levels. Interpretation in the absence of experience is dangerous. Just because someone is wearing a lab coat doesn’t mean they are a scientist. So to insure consistency, a standard utilizing formulas is created. But because everybody’s different, these formulas need to be based on generalizations and assumptions about the average. Unfortunately, bike fitting is not an exact science and therefore cannot be franchised. Fitting takes experience plain & simple. Everyone is different in their physical proportions, flexibility, conditioning, injury history & tolerances; so it is unrepresentative to state that a standard formula could adequately serve everyone. That said, there is some applicable science out there that what we pull together for you here. We don’t just impress you with measurements; we support the fitting with coaching.

Rocket Science Fitting Lab is a no-nonsense fitting program. We’ve created a series of rubrics utilizing the applicable and useful data from all of the leading fit systems. Rocket Science fits the bike to the individual applying the appropriate science when & where it’s needed. We make a point to regularly challenge all fitting science, including (& especially) that which we utilize. We do not force a square peg through a round hole ~like you’ve heard of with other fitting systems.

Moreover, we integrate coaching into the fit. Tips and techniques appropriate for your riding style are integrated into the fitting session because; cycling is like 2 hour golf swing. You’ll need more than properly fitted equipment to achieve success with your goals. We know this, not because a manufacturer told us so, but because we’ve got decades of first-hand experience on this exact topic.

Ride happy my friends!

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