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Quality bicycles & snowboards, lickety-split service, and no snobbery!

Jason C. (Saginaw)

  Any higher learnin’ on yer resume?  “I went to a place to learn how to grow grass.  Not the funny kind…”

  What is it about you that makes everyone else envious? “What doesn’t?”

  What’s your greatest cycling accomplishment?  “I ran over a porcupine once and didn’t die”

  Whaddaya do when yer not riding?  “Judo.”

  I’m super pumped about…..” what?  “Have you seen my robins egg blue minivan?”

  “Before I die I’d like to…”  what? “Win the belt, oh wait…” [Ed. Note: Jason and the Saginaw Staff are the holders of THE BELT]. Undisputed.

  “What do you want to be when you grow up?  “When I get there I’ll let you know.”

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Fenton: (810) 750-2348

Saginaw: (989) 797-2348