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Jared B. (Saginaw)

  Any nicknames? “My homies call me JB, but you can call me Jarod; Jarod Brown.”

  What exactly is it that you do here?  “I’m the guy that cleans and watches everything.  I’m sort of a rookie supervisor”

  How did you end up here? “Brobean DJ snuck me in and I’ve been doin’ my thing here.  Nobody has really noticed.”

  Any higher learnin’ on your resume?  “I learned myself some knowledge at both Ferris State University and Saginaw Valley State University”

  What is it about you that makes everyone else envious?  “My natural talent applied to any preferred field gets people pretty heated sometimes.”

  Whaddaya do when yer not riding?  “What don’t I do when I’m not riding?  I’m like that guy from the Dos Equis commercial”

  “I’m super pumped about…”  what? “…all the slappin’ bikes we have in our shop.”

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Fenton: (810) 750-2348

Saginaw: (989) 797-2348