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Quality bicycles & snowboards, lickety-split service, and no snobbery!

Dave D. (Fenton)

Dave Any Nickname? “My mom calls me Phil which is short for     philosophical….not Doctor Phil!” [Ed. Note – this is the famous Strava Hero known as “Dirt Dave”]

  How did you end up here? “sheer luck

  Any higher learnin’ on yer resume?  “Bachelors in Electronic Engineering”

Favorite Cyclefit moment? “Anytime a kid leaves with a new bike and a huge smile”

Whats the first bike you ever worked on?  “Schwinn Scrambler, age 12”

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “I did that once and I prefer a simpler life”

Nobody knows I’m…..” what?  “a Master Gardener”

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Fenton: (810) 750-2348

Saginaw: (989) 797-2348