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Quality bicycles & snowboards, lickety-split service, and no snobbery!

BethanyWhat exactly is it that you do here? “Everything on ‘THE LIST'”

Favorite Cyclefit moment? Anytime I laugh so hard I can’t breathe would make the list”

What is it about you that makes everyone else envious? “My milkshake??”

If you controlled the shop iPod, what would it play?  “I dig the Johnny Cash that plays now…”

When selecting performance enhancing products you prefer…?  “Sleep!” [Ed Note; Beth is a new mommy, so this answer is particularly awesome]

What do you want to be when you grow up? “An organic herb farmer.”

No body knows I’m…?  “A CNA….   but, I like bikes better than nursing”


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Fenton: (810) 750-2348

Saginaw: (989) 797-2348